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Halfway Through My Journey

We just finished Week Four and I feel good. I jumped some personal hurdles this weekend and feel confident I'm on the right path in life. How incredible is it that I get to experience that feeling at such a young age? I'm also so grateful for my new tribe of friends. I trust them fully. In respect to the yoga teacher training, we have a lot of dialogue to memorize, and I'll be honest, I was feeling like it was impossible to learn it all going into the weekend. But, if I'm even more honest, I didn't commit as much time to it as I could have during the week. I like my leisure time! I take after my family on that one. This week, however, I vow to commit at least 30 minutes per day to memorization. I've been writing down the script because I've heard reading your handwriting helps with that.
Harnessing Energy On Saturday, we learned from local legend Debby Dowling. She opened my eyes to the energy within the body. We started that lecture by rubbing our hands toge…

Check In On My Journey

I have now finished the third weekend of my yoga teacher training and I feel like a brand new person. More accurately, though, I feel like I am reaching my full potential. Of course, I have a long ways to go. Recognizing that journey is the first step. 

What We Do I am going to describe our first few weekends; we take part in five hot yoga sessions per weekend, with one on Friday evening, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. We then have class time, which will usually include teaching by our instructor, the wonderful Robbin, or a guest instructor. Our first night together, we sat in a circle in a room and introduced ourselves and told our story about how we decided to do yoga teacher training. (More on that below on My Journey To The Mat). That same night, we brought our mats into a circle and had to sit knee to knee with a partner. Robbin would shout out a topic, such as "describe your life growing up," "describe the most intense moment of love you've felt" and &q…

The Best Night-Time Yoga Videos

Relaxing before bed can mean the difference between a good night's rest and tossing and turning all night. Below are the best YouTube videos I've come across for stretching before bed. Most of them are from Yoga With Adriene, my favorite YouTuber at the moment. 

What do you think—did I miss any of your favorite videos? Drop the links in the comment!

YouTube 6-Min Yoga Chill
YouTube 7-Min Bedtime Yoga (fav)
YouTube 10-Min Yoga Video for Self Care (fav)

YouTube 10-Min Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back Yoga
12-Minute Yoga In Bed To Unwind
YouTube Wind Down - 12-Min Bedtime Yoga YouTube 19-Min Bedtime Yoga
YouTube 36-Min Bedtime Yoga (fav)