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15 Minute Guided Meditation for Confidence

I just ended this meditation and I feel excellent. 

I decided to look for a solar plexus chakra meditation since it helps with anxiety, confidence and trusting your gut feelings. This video features a "body scan" in the middle of it, which is basically just checking in with different parts of the body. Everybody might be different, but when I do body scans, I basically start at the top by focusing on the crown of my head when breathing in and out. If I can feel a "tingle" or similar response, I go onto the next major body part. If I don't feel anything when focusing on an area, it might mean I have to try again or there is a "blockage." 

Since the body scan was relatively quick, I ended up pausing the video to rrreeeaaaallllllyyy focus on the solar plexus area, which is a little bit above the belly button. I didn't feel a thing when "breathing into" that area, so I figured it was blocked and I would need to take it up a notch. While breathing in and focusing on that area of the body, I pictured a bright, yellow light collecting just above the navel. When I pushed the breath  out (with force), I pictured that light "breaking" through a dark blockage; I could actually see it in my imagination! I instantly felt lighter. If I didn't, I would have kept trying until I felt differently. 

I recommend going into this video with an open mind because outside of the body scan, this video also includes some mantra repetitions, meaning some "repeat after me" statements. I get it, those can be cheesy and sometimes awkward. If you're in a crowded area, try whispering to yourself or even mouthing the words. Even if you don't entirely believe what you're speaking, believe me when I say they are powerful and it is doing something.

So, what do you think? Did you complete the entire meditation? Did you feel differently afterwards, and in which ways? What other type of meditation might you benefit from? 


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