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My Yogi Journey

This weekend, I begin an eight week journey to become yoga teacher certified. 

I hope to become healthier, wiser and more level headed after this experience. Beyond that, I hope to introduce yoga to those who may not know about the practice but can benefit from its healing aspects, including my friends and family! (Hi, mom)!

Going into it, I have no idea what to expect. I know I will be taking more yoga classes than I ever have before—five per weekend—but I'm up to that challenge. I already listen to my body quite well now, and don't expect to be pushed beyond my limits in the practice aspect. What I'm unsure about is the actual learning I'll take part in; will I find out how to guide others, or will I have to figure that one out on my own? Our teacher, Robbin, mentioned we will go over the necessities to teaching such as voice training. It hadn't even crossed my mind all the aspects that go into teaching a class! 

I'm not doing this to change career paths, for the fitness aspect, or even for myself. I'm doing this because yoga flat out changed my life and I want to change other's lives. I used to think yoga was glorified stretching. If I had a half an hour of free time to exercise, why would I spend it doing low intensity moves on a mat? Wouldn't my time be better spent sweating on a treadmill? It wasn't until I had a few openings in my college schedule for an elective that I would change my mind. The first hour and a half class was incredible. Although my mat was in the back of the class, and I couldn't quite see the professor's poses, I had moved my body and connected with my mind than I ever had in my entire life. A sense of calm took over my body, and my mind and breath were one.  It was like I was able to hit pause on life and use my time on the mat to process my emotions. (You better believe I was in the front by the next class). 

Think about it: when's the last time you took a minute and thought about how you feel? Sure, you might "feel" angry, sad or happy at times, but have you taken to time to think about the cause? How about how that emotion affects your daily life? 

So, I begin a new adventure tonight. I promise to update when I can. 

Until then,

Ya girl

P.S.: I wanted to note that this program will in no way affect my current position as the associate editor of a trade publication. If anything, I'll become a better editor because of my experience! 


  1. I believe you can do anything you dream of! I am so proud of the beautiful level headed women you are! Love you!!! ❤️Mommy!

  2. There is no better way than waking up one morning and reading your daughter's blog. I have always been proud of you, always, but this journey you are on takes my pride to a more serene level. I know your in good hands, I know you are living the best you. I miss seeing you deeply, but I feel close to you always! Keep up the good work, that's just a saying because I know you will. Love always, Maja


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